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The Evolution E-Swivel Slim One-Way swivel is designed to be run in conjunction with the Evolution Tubing Rotator on pumping wells that utilize a progressive cavity pump and an anti-rotation anchor.


The Slim One-Way design has all the same features as our CDHS Swivel, but is used in applications where a smaller OD is called for.


The E-Swivel Slim One-Way swivel has a shear release that allows the anti-rotation anchor to be set.  In addition, the swivel has a built-in clutch system that will not allow the swivel to freely rotate if the anti-rotation anchor fails.


  • Progressive cavity pumps with anti-rotation anchors

  • Setting tubing anchors

  • Used in conjunction with surface tubing rotators


Features & Benefits

  • Maximum bypass

  • Operates in both tension and compression

  • Built-in clutch system will not allow swivel to freely rotate if the tubing anchor fails

  • Large bore for minimal fluid flow restriction

  • Simple shear replacement feature

  • Available in different materials and threads on request.

e-swivel one way ratchet_groove.png
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